3 Ways To Boost Your Email Marketing Efforts


What’s the most best way to get traffic to your site? It’s not Facebook or Google+. It’s not getting search engine traffic from Google. The hands down best way to get more traffic to your site is through email marketing.

Yes, email marketing, which has been around forever. It’s the most tried and true method for getting more traffic to your website. It worked 10 years ago, and it still works right now.

That’s why, I always encourage my readers to build their email lists. Subscribe to your favorite autoresponder, whether it be AWeber, GetResponse or MailChimp and then follow these 3 methods I detail below to jump start your email marketing.

Create a Standalone Subscribe Page

You know how important it is to have an opt-in page on your site right? Most blogs you see will put an opt-in box in their sidebar. Or maybe below each of their posts. Sure, that works fine, but to really get a lot of subscribers, you should create your own dedicated subscribe page.

The reason why you should create one, is that it really gives you the space to describe the benefits of signing up for your list. You can come up with a bunch of bullet points, some graphics, and write some great copy to create a really great subscribe page. If you do a great job, you will often see opt-in rates 2 or 3 times that of your standard sidebar opt-in form.

As an example of a great standalone email subscribe page, check out this one on CopyBlogger.

Pick a Reliable Autoresponder

What’s the use of email marketing, if none of the emails you send end up in your subscriber’s inbox. That’s why you need to pick and choose a reliable autoresponder that knows how to deliver your emails.

There are a lot of choices out there. Aweber is a popular choice and you can read many reviews online about it. Whether it they are reviews on blogs or on forums, there is no shortage of people recommending Aweber as their autoresponder of choice.

But whatever autoresponder you choose, just make sure you thoroughly research your choice before hand so you will be happy with it. Remember, it’s very hard to switch!

Email Your List More Often

This may seem counter-intuitive, but you should try and email your list as often as possible. This is the theory set forth by master marketers like Ben Settle.

The theory is that you won’t get as many unsubscribes as you think you will. And the people that stay subscribed to your list will become more engaged.

When you send emails once a month or even less often than that, then your subscribers tend to forget who you are. Or maybe they forgot the original reason why they subscribed.

But if you email every day, then of course they will remember who you are. And if you are writing compelling emails, they will actually look forward to, and open each and every email you send to them.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you enjoyed these email marketing tips. Try them out today, and start building a happy, response email list.

Introducing the New Genesis Theme Framework 2.0

Premium WordPress Themes by StudioPress

Are you someone that wants to create a great looking website, but doesn’t know how to code? Do you just want to concentrate on producing content and building you business?

If that sounds like you, then you should probably invest in some sort of theme framework. There are many different types of wordpress theme frameworks out there, from Thesis Theme to Catalyst Theme. But the theme that’s getting all the attention these days is the new Genesis Theme 2.0 by Studiopress.

The Genesis theme framework has been very popular for many years now. It’s mostly known for it’s extensive selection of child themes. For example, take a look at the Generate Child Theme which is a stunning example of the type of themes you can use with Genesis.

The new Genesis 2.0 brings several new features to the table including:

  • Serious security improvements.
  • Super fast page load times.
  • Rock solid SEO support.
  • Beautiful looking designs.
  • A great foundation for building wordpress sites

Why does Genesis 2.0 provide such a great foundation? Well first off, it’s built using the latest web technologies. So you get HTMl5 support which means your site will have better cross-browser compatibility. It also means your site will be mobile friendly, so it will look nice on any device your visitors may be on, from their iPhone, iPad or plain old desktop computer.

Plus, Genesis is insanely flexible. Want to add an author box to your page? It’s super easy to do. Anything more complicated can be achieved using Genesis hooks.

It’s all very cool, so you should definitely give Genesis Theme 2.0 a shot if you’re ready to build your next website.